“Mind is a door that leads you outside in the world; meditation is the door that leads you to your interiority – to the very innermost shrine of your being.”- Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh .

Meditation is the art of staying in this present moment. A sleepy person either lives in the past moment or is dreaming about the future life. But a meditator stays in this present moment and is alert about his thoughts and actions. Meditation has been hailed as a way to boost mental health, help chronic pain, reduce stress and build a new appreciation for the world around us. Meditation certainly has potential to contribute to our health and well being , but even with all this interest misconceptions about what this ancient practice can do for human health and well-being are still circulating.If you are considering taking on or continuing with meditation practice, doing research and working under proper guidance will work best for you personally.We offer you to free yourself from negativeness of mind with ancient practise to establish good physical wealth,inner peace,joys of well being and flexible body.


  • Kathmandu Meditation & Yoga Day (Dhamma Shringa, Budhanilkantha)
  • Meditation & Yoga & Hiking (Meditation Yoga Spot, Nagarkot)
  • Meditation & Yoga & Trekking (Dhamma Pokhara, Ghandruk)

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