Nepal is one of the best tourist destinations to spend the holidays among many others in the world and also bargain for travelers in almost every way. Hotels in Nepal can be found for next to nothing, but be warned that the absolute bottom end gets you a low standard that isn’t found in many other places. Spending a bit more can get you something fairly nice, and things get better and better the more you are able to spend. We Tapobhumi provide mid-range to high-end hotels. For cheaper hotels the published rates might not change at all during the year, but you’ll be in a better position to bargain for a lower rate if you are planning on staying more than a couple days. In similar way high-end hotels assures to make your stay luxurious and comfortable by providing you the extra packages. This means that travelers should be aware of a possible disparity of standards and facilities when booking rooms.

For Reservations
-Confirmation is done when form is fill up with detail information.
-We accept bank transfer,money transfer or payment on arrival.


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